Kansas City Wedding Photographer: This Blog + The Imago Vita Workshop

Hey friends.


I am SO BEHIND on posting around here.

I thought I’d FINALLY get around to sharing some photos FROM APRIL.

(when I said I was behind, I wasn’t even close to kidding – clients, have no fear. you still get your photos in a week-ish, but you just have to post them online yourself, lol.)


I went to the Imago Vita Workshop this past Spring, and not only was Shannon an incredible teacher, but she was just SO MUCH FUN TO BE AROUND!

And the other wonderful women who were there with me – it’s like we were all meant to be.

You know, as in walking into the sunset, maybe even in a side hug for a few steps. :)

(Seriously, girls, if you’re reading this, I totally stalk all of your blogs/facebooks/instagrams on a regular basis.)


And then, there’s the location… OH MY GOODNESS.

I’ve been reading Ashley’s blog for SO long – she was absolutely instrumental in the decision to go for this photography thing for real.

So, meeting her was a total oh-my-gosh-it’s-really-you moment. And being in her studio was almost equally as amazing.

Seeing pictures HERE after getting to sit on that couch, have lunch on those bowling lane countertops…
Between her amazing home and Shannon’s amazing styling, and OH THE MODELS – these workshop photos were insanely fun.


Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(1-2) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(4)

Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(5) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(6) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(7) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(9) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(10) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(12) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(13) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(17)

Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(18) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(19) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(20) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(21) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(23) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(24) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(26) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(30) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(31)



Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(42) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(43) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(44)

Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(45) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(46) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(48) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(49) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(50-52) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(51) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(53) Meagan-White-Photo---Imago-Vita-Workshop-(54)

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