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This post is for women’s eyes only…

I’ve identified as a “wedding photographer” for the past 6 years, and it seems like a weird breakup to no longer be shooting weddings full-time. However, I’m so excited for what this next page looks like for me.Meagan White Photo - Annie 031 Meagan White Photo - Annie 032Over the past few years, I built an exciting and beautiful boudoir business, but it’s not been something I’ve been public with for a while. I mean, boudoir photography in itself is a private thing, so sharing anything about it  felt odd. However, as I’ve grown my Louisville boudoir photography business, I feel like not sharing it is doing a disservice to my brand, and more importantly, to the women who could be and should be boudoir clients. Meagan White Photo - Alli Boudoir 016-1Meagan White Photo - Alli Boudoir 033If you have ever wondered about boudoir, now is the time for us to talk. I am shooting boudoir specials, and I would LOVE to have you as a client. This is a perfect opportunity for every woman in my life to be in front of the camera and show off their bombshell selves. Meagan White Photo - Lindsey 006No more excuses, my friends. As women, we always want to lose more weight or work on our “problem areas,” but I promise you that your body is rockin’ – let me prove it to you through your boudoir photos.  Get in touch with me today to make this happen. (special pricing for wives and brides-to-be!) Megan Boudoir 036

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