Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Kansas City Family Photographer:: The Davis Family

Knowing the Davis family is one of those things that we totally took for granted when we lived in KC… now that we are MILES away, we so VERY MUCH miss them. I was beyond honored when they asked me to shoot a few family/anniversary/kiddo/headshot photos while I was in town last month. You might remember them from hereor, if you’ve been in our home or the boss’s office, you’ve seen some of Derek’s original artwork (which, by the way, we are OBSESSED with). He and Sarah have both ventured into new roles this year, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what unfolds for them!! Also, if you’ve checked out that last session with them, you’ll notice there’s one more little guy along for the ride this time – these kids ARE THE CUTEST!!

Meagan White Photo - Davis 001

Meagan White Photo - Davis 002

Meagan White Photo - Davis 004

Meagan White Photo - Davis 005AH! I don’t know what to obsess over more – those eyes or those lips!?

Meagan White Photo - Davis 007

Meagan White Photo - Davis 008

Meagan White Photo - Davis 009

Meagan White Photo - Davis 010

Meagan White Photo - Davis 011

Meagan White Photo - Davis 012

Meagan White Photo - Davis 014







Meagan White Photo - Davis 022


Meagan White Photo - Davis 024

Meagan White Photo - Davis 025

Meagan White Photo - Davis 026



Meagan White Photo - Davis 029

Meagan White Photo - Davis 030YOU GUYS. This is a BEAUTIFUL group of people. It’s ridiculous, and I can’t take it.

Meagan White Photo - Davis 031

Meagan White Photo - Davis 032

Meagan White Photo - Davis 033

Meagan White Photo - Davis 034We shot these ON their anniversary. I LOVE IT!



Meagan White Photo - Davis 037


Meagan White Photo - Davis 040



Meagan White Photo - Davis 043

Meagan White Photo - Davis 045

Meagan White Photo - Davis 046


Meagan White Photo - Davis 048

Meagan White Photo - Davis 049

Meagan White Photo - Davis 050AAAALL THE CURLS!!! #cantgetenough

Meagan White Photo - Davis 052




Meagan White Photo - Derek 001

Meagan White Photo - Derek 002

Meagan White Photo - Derek 003


Meagan White Photo - Derek 009I am always so serious about posing people. We’re neveeerrrr silly.


Meagan White Photo - Derek 011


Meagan White Photo - Derek 019


Meagan White Photo - Sarah 001Sarah. You’re A BABE.

Meagan White Photo - Sarah 002



Meagan White Photo - Sarah 006you guys, I had SO much fun hanging out with you – it was only 736* outside, but I’m glad we could manage. : )
but, seriously. you five are THE BEST, and we SO VERY MUCH miss you!!!!
(and YOUR KIDS ARE THE CUTEST!)Meagan White Photo - Davis 027Meagan White Photo - Davis 028Meagan White Photo - Davis 054Meagan White Photo - Davis 055

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  • Friday the 13th got me like 😎
I’m just excited it’s the weekend. 🙌🏻 I’ve got fun plans to help shower this girl and celebrate the fact that sheeee’s gettin’ marrrrrieeeed! 💍🎉💖 what are your weekend plans? better yet, what are your “mom’s-night-out” recovery tips for the next day because this momma is for sure going to need them. 😳🙈😂
  • I love shooting seniors. 🙌🏻 For years, it wasn’t something I made time for, and for years, I WAS MISSING OUT. 😫 I’ve recently added senior sessions to my regularly available services, and sessions like this one are why.
Katelyn’s senior session is on my blog. Hands-down, it’s one of my favorites. ♥️
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  • a lot of my friends do “Friday introductions,” but I think I’m feeling “Wednesday with [one of] the Whites” ... 🤔😆
here are 3 things that probably tell you all there is to know about me and also happen to be 3 things you didn’t ask to know 🤓
• I call my style “eclectic,” but really I’m just a sucker for a clearance sticker and can make anything work for the right price 💰🛒
• I would probably dislocate a shoulder or break my fingers before making multiple trips to get the groceries from the car 🤷🏼‍♀️🙈
• sometimes we throw away perfect tupperware to avoid emptying whatever leftovers are still inside 😳
what are 3 things I don’t know about you? share at least 1 in the comments, I think this will be fun! 👏🏻
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  • I am failing at instagram. I can’t make the algorithm work for me, and it’s making me bananas. 🍌🤪 Less than than half of my amazing and wonderful followers are seeing anything I post, literally (I’ve checked the provided insights, and only a handful of images have reached half or more of you for at least 6 months).
I’m not upset, but I am frustrated because this is how I market my business. I knew changing how I used social media would affect my reach, but this result makes it difficult to be encouraged to use the app at all. 👎🏻
I know I could do things differently, I could sit online all day, I could spend hours interacting with posts and increasing my engagement, I could work really hard to be seen on here. I could play the @instagram game better. 🙄 
But why? Why would I do any of that? I want to market here, but not at the expense of it becoming an actual part-time, unpaid gig. I want to use this platform as a way to share my work and my life, but I value my time being unplugged and with my family over the increased exposure on here.
So, for now, I’ll just keep sharing hoping that the 25-30% of you who do see it will love it and appreciate it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ At the risk of sounding like every other account that is dealing with a similar plight, I do have a small request - if you can see my posts, it would just be the greatest if you would like them/comment on them so that I know who’s here. 🙏🏻😚
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  • in case you missed it (which is entirely possible thanks to algorithms 😫), the coziest newborn session is on my blog, and it is definitely a favorite. ♥️
#birth #birthphotography #birthphotographer #meaganwhitephoto #louisvillephotographer #louisvillebirthphotographer #fresh48session #newborn #fresh48photographer #fresh48 #louisvillenewbornphotographer #lifestylephotographer #newbornphotographer #lifestylephotography #lifestylenewborn
  • life with a newborn is something that is so worthy of documenting... I’m so thankful for every family that asks me to do this for them. ♥️ this sweet session is on my blog this morning, and these photos are some of my favorites. (zoom in to see)
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