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Not only do all of my clients receive every photo professionally edited and high-resolution for printing, but they also receive every photo professionally edited and watermarked for sharing online! Woo! And all of my clients receive a little instruction card about sharing their photos online – the biggest rule? No cropping/editing/altering. Except… that no cropping rule gets bypassed a lot. And that is totally my fault for not teaching how to avoid it!

So, to help all of my wonderful people understand how to share their images – specifically as profile photos on Facebook, or for sharing on Instagram – I’ve included a few instructions…


After uploading your favorite Meagan White Photo image, you’ll have a screen similar to this one… all you have to do is CLICK THAT “SKIP CROPPING” BUTTON. (it’s hidden down in the corner)

So, before doing ANYTHING ELSE, just click on that, and all your problems will be solved. … well, maybe not ALL of them, but this very important one will be.12771837_1020116431381263_4165683605375838616_o


The next screen that will appear is for your profile pic thumbnail… all you do on this screen is move the photo around until you like what shows up in that little box, then click SAVE.
(stay faaaaaarrrrr away from that “crop photo” link on the bottom left!)

Just move your photo, click save, and VOILA! MAGIC!




After saving your favorite Meagan White Photo image and opening Instagram, you’ll have a screen that looks like this… only problem? Instagram has taken it upon themselves to crop the photo to a convenient little square size. BUT! Never fear, there is a little resizing circle in the corner … Photo Apr 27, 12 19 14 PM01

PRESS THAT “BUTTON” to resize, and watch your photo work itself into place! The black bars that show up are a good thing – they won’t show up in your finished photo, don’t worry! Click next and move on to writing those witty captions!Photo Apr 27, 12 19 14 PM

What if you press that resize button but STILL can’t see the MW Photo logo? Photo Apr 27, 12 19 14 PM012Just move your photo around on the screen until you find it, then hit next. I know, it’s so easy it’s silly!Photo Apr 27, 12 19 14 PM013

AND! AS ALWAYS!! I want you to enjoy your photos and show them off online –  I’m here to answer questions, should the need arise!!

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