Meagan White Photo Mentoring Sessions LEVEL 2

Yep, there are now TWO different opportunities when it comes to mentoring sessions:

Level 1: basics of your camera, manual exposure,
basic composition techniques, simple posing instruction,
hands-on time during a real session

Level 2: more in depth posing with more hands-on during a workshop style session,
business ins and outs, including contracts, branding, pricing, etc

Let’s talk!

But not about these incredibly weird photos. :)
Meagan White Photo - Larsens 115-
Last year, during one of my first mentoring sessions, we came across this… thing.
We endearingly named it a “turkey-rooster duck.”
And, wouldn’t you know it, I’m heading back to this same location for a wedding this weekend…
here’s to hoping that our friend doesn’t remember me, and maybe even doesn’t show up.

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