Meagan White Photo Mentoring Sessions

I loved playing school when I was a kid, but really, I think I just loved bossing TEACHING people. :)

Which is only part of why I LOVE sharing photography smarts.
And why I am officially offering Mentoring Sessions.


Have you always wanted to learn how to use your camera?
Maybe it was a gift, or maybe you bought it hoping to improve on the photographs you take of family and friends. When I bought my first DSLR, I was constantly frustrated. I had decided that it should have been EASY to use, and that the camera was broken. It was most definitely NOT user error. HA!
Don’t be like me – don’t live with a camera that could do so much for you, yet continues to be shot on Automatic. DON’T DO IT, FRIENDS!
Let’s get together, and let’s talk gear.

We’ll talk about what is in my camera bag, what is in your camera bag, and how on earth we use it all.
We’ll talk about shooting in different lighting situations, using natural light and off/on-camera flash.
We’ll talk posing, and we’ll put that into practice on REAL clients. :)
We’ll also chat a little about what to do AFTER the session.

shooting back-lit can be tricky, but IS TOTALLY WORTH IT

So, stop what you’re doing (cause I’m about to ruin the image and the style that you’re used to…. :) ), and let’s make this happen. Stop being afraid or unsure about that camera. Send me an email.  Start using it in a way that makes you excited to print and frame all of those photo opportunities you’re a part of.


all photos in this post were taken by the fab Kelsey. she’s the bomb. really.


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  • it’s the only photo we have of Winnie with her aunt Sallie because addiction is an evil that doesn’t give up, it’s a villain that won’t quit.
some people would say that Sallie lost her fight, but we know she won the ultimate battle and is celebrating 2 years in Heaven today.
we grieve everyday. it’s been 2 years without her and it’s been 2 years of missing her bottomless joy. but we are certain that joy is all over her face as she’s dancing with Jesus this morning. 🖤 #celebratingsallie
  • Who is ready for fall? 🍁 (aaaand everyone raises their hands 🙋🏼‍♀️😆) I took down Winnie's birthday decorations yesterday and immediately replaced them with all things pumpkin in my house. 🎃🙌🏻
I'm back to work this fall, and I've got some fun things to look forward to. 🍂 I spent the summer building a downloadable PDF of my photography course, and I'm excited to have that available soon - sign up for my newsletter for early access and special pricing (link in my profile). 📷👏🏻
  • They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that’s true. What they don’t tell you is that when it starts again, it moves extra fast to catch up. 🕰✨
We can’t believe that we’ve been living the best days of our lives for 2 years. Happy birthday to our girl, the most beautiful  and wonderful person I know. 🎈
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  • today, we are celebrating our girl - she doesn’t turn 2 for a couple more days, and we are savoring this last weekend with our 1-year-old. 🎈
(there are a few more birthday photos on my blog today:
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  • I took the summer off from shooting - we have had so many fun things keeping us busy, and I wanted to keep my sanity (I don’t manage chaos well 🤪).
That being said, I’m officially getting back to work after Labor Day. My girl turns two in a week, so I’m ending my summer break with her birthday. 🎈
My fall mini sessions are happening in a little over a month, so if that’s something you’re interested in, let’s make it happen. (link is in my profile) 🍂
I haven’t been on Instagram for a few days (which shouldn’t really be noteworthy 😆), but there’s nothing new in my feed (thanks algorithm), so tell me what I’ve missed - what’s new with you?
  • photographs are how I will keep her little forever. 🖤 don’t settle for taking photos that are just “ok” - let’s chat about how you can bottle up time with your camera with images that you love. 📷 (link in my profile) #ohmywinnie
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