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now offering a LEVEL 2 mentoring session!
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Have you always wanted to learn how to use your camera?
Maybe it was a gift,
maybe you bought it hoping to improve on the photographs you take of family and friends,
and maybe you’ve been disappointed in the results.
When I bought my first DSLR,
I was constantly frustrated.
I had decided that it should have been EASY to use,
and that the camera was broken. It was most definitely NOT user error. HA!
Don’t be like me – don’t live with a camera that could do so much for you,
yet continues to be shot on Automatic. DON’T DO IT, FRIENDS!

Let’s hang out for an afternoon and talk shop.

Schedule a mentoring session, and you’ll learn…

… how to use your DSLR camera and lens(es)

… how to shoot in various lighting situations

… how to pose and communicate to clients
BECAUSE you’ll be photographing
REAL clients at a REAL session :)

… post processing techniques and tips

Stop being afraid or unsure about that camera that you’ve been dying to know how to use. Send me an email.

Start using it in a way that makes you excited to print and frame all of those photo opportunities you’re a part of.



Contact me here or or 812.202.0340 !!!

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how does someone so small
hold my heart so tightly
I don't even know you
I love you completely
this beautiful story is one of my favorites, and it’s on my blog today 🖤 (link in my profile)
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