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Mother’s Day – Meagan White Photo

Mother’s Day

When we talked about shooting his newborn pictures, I knew it was something that I had to do…
I thought maybe it was a selfish want of mine to be the one who got to photograph him.
But, as it turns out, it was about so much more than being there for his first photos.

It was about getting to see my best friend become a mom.

My best friends seem to all be having babies these days,
and it is never not the most amazing thing on earth.
 and by the way, “best friend isn’t a person… it’s a tier.” :)

But, anyway, the people closest to me in my life keep seeming
to not understand that my heart just can’t take it.
My heart doesn’t have room for even one more
beautiful, round, sticky, smiling face.

But then it does. 
They have a baby, and somehow my swollen, about to burst heart,
stretches itself just enough, and I love this new little person in ways I didn’t know.

And, on top of loving the little person, I love this little one’s mommy in a bigger and better way than I had before.
It’s like i have this friend who i would do anything in the world for,
this friend who I would climb mountains for,  and then she has a baby, and whoa….
this friend becomes this person who I am in awe of,
this person who doesn’t need me to climb those mountains becuase she’s able to climb 100 at once
and suddenly she would do that and more for a
new tiny being who is squeezing my heart into pieces.

Between the little ones in my life and the mommies they belong to,
I’m about to lose myself in all of this love.

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mommy friends.
You all have made me the happiest self-entitled-auntie :)  there is.

(oh, and wouldn’t it be something if I wrote a Mother’s Day post and didn’t even MENTION my own mom?
well, that would indeed be something. :)
Happy Mother’s Day, MOM! I love you!!)

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