MW Photo hits the road… and the sky…. edition 4

Seems like it’s go, go, go around here,
but all for good reason, so I’m not complaining!
I landed back in good ol’ KC on Sunday,
my Mr. had his wisdom teeth CUT OUT (YIKES!) on Monday :(,
and, tomorrow, I’ll be at a photography workshop all day,
learning and loving every minute of it, I’m sure!!
I love that I have this chance to spend the day in this environment learning – 
it’s something I would never have been able to do if it weren’t for this move to KC.
And it’s so important to be constantly learning and growing – 
after all, I want to be able to offer you, my wonderful friends and clients,
the best of the best, right? :)
“You are responsible
for the talent that has been
entrusted to you.”
Henri-Frederic Amiel

I’ll be back, by Monday, the 15th,
with ALL SORTS of new knowledge to share. :)
If you’ve emailed this week, trust that I will respond then, if you don’t hear from me sooner!

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