MW Photo hits the road… and the sky…. edition 6

Yes. Again.

Which brings me to why I tell you alllllll about it. :)
I write these posts for clients more than anything – 
I need a way to keep those inquiring minds in the know!
When I get an email from a prospective client/buddy, 
it’s much more streamlined and effective to point them here, 
rather than trying to tell each wonderful person that I’m away. Again.
Instead, I can share why I’m away and when I’ll return 
without bogging them down in an email that doesn’t answer the questions they asked.
It also is a handy way to be reminded of how busy
this wonderful wedding season has been and is going to be.
6 trips away from Kansas. 
And I’ve lived there 4 months.
Holy Smokes.
I plan to write about this time in my business and my life,
but I need to get to the other side of it first. :)
And, in the meantime, I need to enjoy it and rock these weddings!
So, back to the point of this post….
I’m away from my office, away from my emails, away from my sanity….
just kidding. :)
I am away from KS, where I feel organized and efficient.
If you’ve emailed or called, I would love to talk more about your session.
I will be getting back to you ASAP, beginning on Monday, May 27th.
Until then, happy days!  

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