Oh, My Winnie… eight months with you

I can’t believe I will only do this three more times before I am writing a big, first birthday post. I know I’m getting way ahead of myself here, but the time is passing oh-so-FAST! This girl of ours changes and does something new every day, and we can’t get over it. Her little personality is quickly becoming larger than life. She has quite the attitude when things aren’t going as she thinks they should be. It cracks us up, but we’re also trying to discipline (as much as you can at this age), so we try and hide our entertainment (which is rarely successful). She’s also more vocal now than ever before – she chatters away with “dada” and what I think might be “dog dog.” Of course, “momma” is nowhere in sight. However, she does sing along with me in the car, and that about makes my heart explode, so I’ll take it. :)

She took to walking with her “sit-to-stand” walker this month (one where she stands and pushes it in front of her). She gets easily distracted, so she doesn’t make it far before stopping to play (which usually involves toppling over). She’s also been trying more than ever to crawl. She hasn’t shown much interest in it before now, always wanting to stand and walk instead. But, this month, she’s been up on all fours, rocking and trying to get things moving. She usually pulls one leg forward before giving up and rolling over. The combo of these two things has made her a bit of a dare-devil. She attempted to pull herself up with our coffee table, resulting in a little thump to the head. She was fine, except for her frustration at that darn table for getting in the way.

She celebrated her first Opening Day, as well as her first Easter. She got to know her Great-Grandpa a little bit on Easter, and it was so much fun to watch. He has such a legacy, but I think the greatest piece of his story is our sweet girl. I am so excited to watch them become the best of friends.

Our newest milestone is A TOOTH. She got her first tooth on 4/28 – it’s still in the process of “popping” all the way through, but that didn’t stop her from biting her lip and drawing blood the very next day. She and I both cried, but she recovered really quickly … I, on the other hand, did not. She’s been feeding herself Cheerios and loving them for a few weeks, and I have a feeling this tooth will only intensify that.

She’s kept us busy this month. She’s into everything, and and we can’t look away for any amount of time, or she’ll be chewing on something she shouldn’t be. It’s crazy how tired we are now in comparison to any other time since she joined us. It’s the happiest kind of tired, though. The kind that keeps us smiling at her around the clock, even when she’s misbehaving. She’s a bundle of busy and joy, and we wouldn’t change a thing.  She LOVES her great-grandpa. This photo is killing me. They are two of a kind (I mean, do they have the same mouth OR WHAT).

I dressed her in her Easter dress a few days before Easter for these photos. It is just a gorgeous dress (and was the sweetest gift from my forever friend, Sheena), but I knew it wouldn’t be practical to run around in all day – we were in the car for a few hours and visiting lots of family, and I didn’t want to see it completely ruined by the end of the day. So, we opted for pre-Easter photos, and I’m so glad I did. I think we’ll probably go this route every year for the foreseeable future. She has the prettiest little white, eyelet shoes that I intended for her to wear with this dress… except that they are still too big on her. And I’m talking HUGE. So, high-tops, for the win. :)
I’m teaching a photography workshop later this month, and I wanted some sample images to use, so I took my favorite little subject to the backyard one afternoon. She’s about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And I cannot get enough of this little booty.
Getting one last wear from her favorite outfit before packing it away with the “too small” clothes. :(

Jimmy and Winnie, month 8I had about 3 seconds to shoot these photos… this little one does NOT want to sit still, but who could blame her – she’s discovering her world more and more each day. 

And now, May 3rd, this sweet firecracker of ours is 8 months old.
It’s crazy how every month holds so much. She is so different today than she was last month, and I know that I’ll say the same thing in a few short weeks when I do this again. She feels so big to me, her legs look so long, and it kills me how grown up she already acts. She’s so full of sweetness, and she’s so full of spirit – every second of the day is exciting, exhausting, emotional… but, when she grabs our faces and gives us the sloppiest kisses, we are completely taken by her. We know every second is a gift.I had to build a “wall” between her and the blocks – I couldn’t get them arranged before she would Wreck-It-Ralph them, so I put a book up to block her view.  This is 8. And I wouldn’t change it.

more monthly photos

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