Oh, My Winnie… five months with you

FIVE. (insert sobbing) … I can’t fathom that this is true. Someone alert the media, I’ve discovered time travel. I know I went to bed with a newborn last night, but somehow, she’s only a month away from being half a year old.


But we’re not going to talk about that BECAUSE THAT’S JUST NOT HAPPENING.

This past month was full of growing, both physically and mentally. She started January in 0-3 month clothes, and we slowly packed all of those away (I don’t want to talk about it) and brought out her 3-6 month clothes. There is one sleeper, in particular, that was so baggy on her, I wasn’t sure if it was safe to actually let her sleep in it. Now, as we enter into February, that sleeper fits so well, and this momma’s heart is just a wreck. Obviously, I want my baby healthy and growing, so this is a good thing. However, I just want to keep her snuggled in my arms as my little baby forever.

The primary reason behind my tiny one getting bigger and bigger is FOOD. As in REAL food! She’s been proudly formula fed for 4 months, and this month we introduced fruits and veggies. And she LOVES it. She eats 2-3 servings a day, so she’s packing in the nutrition and packing on the pounds. Her favorites are everything she’s tried so far, including pumpkin, butternut squash, pears, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, and prunes.

She’s gaining more and more independence these days, also. She wants to be held, but that is mostly because she can’t see as much when she’s on her own. In our arms, she can look around and take it all in. She still wants to cuddle up, but usually only when it’s bedtime or naptime. We have a bedtime routine of sleepytime lotion and jammies, and that is one of our favorite parts of the day. She lays so calmly in my lap while I rub lotion on her back, then her papa bear snuggles her as she falls asleep.

We are falling into the months that were so special to us a year ago and are even more special to us now. We saw her for the first time in February last year, and we thought it couldn’t get much better than that moment. Here we are a year later, and now we know it will only get better and more amazing with each passing day. She’s truly a gift and our prayer is that she always knows that from us. I never knew how very much I would love being momma to a little girl… I know boys are tons of fun, too, but getting to play dress up with my tiny one (at least, while she’ll let me) is a dream come true. And it doesn’t hurt that our friends have been so generous and sweet to us with these incredible outfits.

Jimmy and Winnie, month 5 And now, February 3rd, the girl who fills our lives with incredible joy is 5 months old.
I said she is a gift, and I couldn’t mean that more. We know she’s from Heaven – she’s more than we could have asked for. She’s a reminder that what we can imagine and pray for is nowhere near what God gives. If I’d been given what I wanted, I would be sorely missing out. We are beyond thankful for His goodness and this sweet one.

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