Oh, My Winnie… four months with you

No. No, no, no, no. There is no way we have already had another month with this sweet baby. It was seemingly overnight that she grew and is no longer all arms and legs. She has some serious weight to her and is starting to outgrow some of the 0-3 month clothes that she JUST started wearing. The scrawny little thing I brought home back in September is growing into quite a little meatball. Time really is just flying, so this momma is really focused on celebrating all of our “every days” – I live in fear of time passing me without realizing it’s happening.

She practiced her sitting up this month, as well as her standing. Yes, as much as I want to keep her my immobile little baby forever, I fear the end is near for that. She pulls up on our hands into a standing position almost any chance she gets. That’s not to say that she has any kind of balance yet, but the strength and desire are both there, so it may not be long. She has also begun to scoot some when on her tummy. So, walking or crawling… either way, here we go.

She’s attached to her momma and daddy in a big way. We are her people, and she knows it. She will let others hold her, but it’s not uncommon for that to only last a few minutes. She’s become opinionated on the matter, and she doesn’t shy away from letting people know it, usually breaking out the sobbing without warning. She also doesn’t shy away from letting her daddy and me know when she’s not feeling something we’re doing, like when it’s time for bed and she just doesn’t think she’s ready. This little stinker of ours will often make any kind of noise to keep herself awake in protest.

She had her first Christmas, and her momma and daddy celebrated in a whole new way. We’ve never had as much fun as we had this year… even if Winnie slept through most of it. Lol, I know that each year will be even more fun than the one before, and we can’t wait. Except that we can because we want to hold on to this time with her forever.

No one can prepare your heart for what happens when you bring a new little babe into your world. Four months later and we still don’t have the words. Jimmy and Winnie, month 4 And now, January 3rd, this tiny one is 4 months old.
She’s extraordinary, and it’s beautiful. It’s strange how our hearts will often hurt from how much we love her. We’re overwhelmed by the gift that is every day with her – she’s magical, and we’ve never been happier. more Winnie…
month one through three

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