Oh, My Winnie… nine months with you

*deeeeeep breath in…*

It’s getting so close. Her birthday feels like it is just around the corner. I don’t want to push things or feel like I’m rushing it along because that is LITERALLY the last thing I want to do. It’s just that the number NINE makes her feel so old. I was pregnant for NINE months with her (well, let’s be real… closer to ten, but whatever). And those nine months took forever to get through, so why have these nine months gone by so quickly?

I also can’t believe how big and grown up she has gotten in the last month. She began saying “momma” (on Mother’s Day!), and it truly is music to my ears. She talks all of the time, and while we may not understand much of it, she most definitely tries to join in our conversations. Sometimes it’s to a point at which we can no longer hear each other over her beautiful chatter.

She also made crawling her official mode of getting around this month. The crawling led to pulling up, which she does on EVERYTHING. Whether it’s a sharp-edged coffee table (that her sweet little face has now been bruised by) or whatever chair I’m sitting in, she crawls right over and uses it to stand tall and proud of herself. However, she’s gotten a little too bold and attempted walking more than once – each time has ended in tears, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying again and again.

She is eating everything in sight these days, especially if it’s on my plate. She is a fan of fresh fruit and scrambled eggs, and I’m sure she’s going to love all things dairy once we start that in the next few weeks. Her second tooth popped through at the end of this month, so I’m sure she’ll be chewing on and eating anything we let her.

She went to her first Reds game this month and was mistaken for a baby boy the entire time we were there. I guess it is my fault – I had her bundled up with a beanie and a sweater. At least she was called a “cute little Dickens.” She also had her first “junk” food at the game – I guess “peanuts and Cracker Jacks” can just as easily be french fries when you’re still a baby. :)  She also helped her momma and her nana with her first yard sale. If you’re from Indiana, you know what a big deal yard sales are, so it is important we got her started early. :)

We celebrated her first Memorial Day, our first Mother’s Day, and my birthday in this last month. For Memorial Day, we spent the day with some incredible friends. It’s always a sweet reminder to see the people we love take turns loving on our girl. For Mother’s Day, she started shouting “mom-MA, mom-MA, MOM-MOM-MOMMAAAA” while we were at dinner. It was the best and loudest gift. For my birthday, we had dinner and cake with some more of our favorite friends. They met our sweet Winnie for the first time, and it was like she has known them forever. She loved the time spent with them as much as we did.

The older she gets, the busier and more independent she has become. It’s exciting and heartbreaking, all at once. My small baby who once needed me for everything now gets annoyed (and lets me know it) if I stand in her way. Her fiery personality keeps us on our toes, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. This tiny one who throws a fit when things don’t go how she planned will one day change the world with that same determination. We are surprised and overwhelmed by how we love her each and every day.

Jimmy and Winnie, month 9I thought shooting last month’s monthly photos was a trip, but I had no idea (and I’ll probably say this for the rest of this year). I was able to get a handful before she gave up entirely, which meant I ended with 1-2 that were within the idea of what I was hoping for. That being said, this is nine months – full of crawling and Cheerios.And now, June 3rd, this determined and giggly tiny one is 9 months old.
I had no idea what 9 months old would look like. I carried her for 9 months, felt her squirm and kick, not knowing that she would be twice as busy 9 months later. For 9 months, I listened to her heartbeat through my tummy, and now, I listen to her breathing in my ear as she falls asleep snuggled next to me. 9 long months of pregnancy meant 9 months of longing and hoping and wishing. These 9 short months of our time with her have meant thankfulness beyond measure. I truly had no idea that 9 months after we met that we would be where we are now – absolutely overwhelmed with joy. more monthly photos

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