Oh, My Winnie… one month with you

I was not given the gift of eloquent speech or the ability to write beautifully. That being said, I’m not going to pretend that I can describe this last month to you… there aren’t words to adequately share how greatly our lives have changed. This baby of ours has brought a light we didn’t know was missing. She’s shown us love we didn’t know existed. Together, the boss and I have gone through the emotions of pregnancy and birth, to find ourselves deep in this emotion of parenthood.

meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-522Winne Tyler, born on September 3rd.
These photos are from the 8th, when she was 5 days old.
meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-521 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-520

Photos from her first bath, also on September 8th.meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-524-1 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-527 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-526 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-529 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-528

One week old on September 10th.meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-531 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-530meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-532
While I had put her in her crib before this, September 20th was her first time “hanging out.” It was also the first day I got any kind of housework done. :)meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-543 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-540 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-544 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-539

September 23rd… meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-501

September 25th…
meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-500 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-538

September 27… meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-534 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-533meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-536

On September 30th, she met Jimmy Fallon. :)louisville-photographer-meagan-white-photo-001 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-503

And now, October 3rd, she is one month old.
It is going by way too quickly… it breaks my heart to look through these photos and see the change from 5 days old to 4 weeks old (if you want to see days 1-4, as well as every day in between these photos, see my instagram). But, at the same time, I get so excited to see her personality develop. I can’t wait to watch her change the world one day, but for now, I’m willing time to slow so that I can enjoy my newborn for just a little while longer. meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-513 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-510 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-507 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-506meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-517 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-516

thankfully, I have this opportunity to photograph her days with my “big camera”… however, that doesn’t mean I don’t take a million photos a day with my phone. if you can’t get enough Winnie (and who can?!), follow my instagram or my Facebook page… it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll see this sweet face daily.

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