Oh, My Winnie… seven months with you

Seven is over halfway to twelve. We are over halfway through our first year together. I don’t know why that first year seems like such a milestone, but this sweet girl makes all of the “I can’t believe how fast this is going” cliches so real. It’s just hard to believe that we have had seven of the most amazing, glorious months. They’ve been such a gift.

She’s been standing this month. She will pull up with our hands and stand for a few seconds when we let go. She also tries to walk alongside the couch when she’s holding on, but she hasn’t figured out the coordination yet. She doesn’t seem to have much interest in crawling, but she rolls to and reaches for everything in her line of sight. We are learning quickly to keep things out of reach, especially at dinner time. She has started drinking from any cup that we offer – she drinks from her sippy cup, from any glass we hold up to her mouth, and from the straw of my water glass throughout the day.

She also decided to start using a pacifier this month. This was unexpected, but it’s helped her fall asleep so much more easily for naps that it’s a welcomed change. We are keeping it from her when she’s playing in hopes to limit it to naptimes/bedtimes. We’ll see how long that lasts.

The last week before this seven-month mark, her papa bear was in Guatemala, and this tiny one missed him. She decided to start saying “dada” while he was gone. It was the best thing to hear – her voice is music.

She’s an absolute gift and the embodiment of joy. Our hearts have never been busier. We are overwhelmed with how we feel these days – not only are we taken by her, but our hearts feel things differently now. We are wrapped up in this bubble of parenthood, and we don’t have space or time for things that don’t matter. We are attached and in love. We parent differently – we parent OUR way. And our way has us overflowing with sweetness. It was warm enough to play outside, and we took full advantage of that this month.  Jimmy and Winnie, month 7
She has reached the “can’t sit still” point, and nothing within arm’s reach is safe, including Jimmy. Below, she is trying to find a block that she’d snuck into the photo, all while maintaining eye contact, as if that is what would keep me from noticing. She’s something else.  Anyone who knows us also knows that we are big Twenty One Pilots fans. Where do you think we pulled the name Tyler from? I’m not saying that’s it, but I’m also not saying it’s not. :) We listen to the Twenty One Pilots lullabies every day, so I think it’s safe to call this tiny one a fan, as well. Get at that block, girl.
This dress was mine, 30 years ago.
This kind of thing will always be so cool to me. And now, April 3rd, our growing and amazing little one is 7 months old.
She’s our reminder to make every day everything. To make every day something of worth. We soak in every minute, even the exhausting ones, because she is a song that changes melody when we blink, and we don’t want to miss out on a single note.

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