Oh, My Winnie… six months with you

This is a milestone month for this momma, and I’m having a difficult time processing it. On one hand, I love how our girl is growing. She’s changing almost daily, learning and trying new things. She’s been rolling from her tummy to her back for a while, and she’s on the precipice of rolling from her back to her tummy for months now. This month, she just went for it, and now that she’s mobile, and we are adjusting to life all over again.

She also has been trying finger foods this month. We started her with pureed baby foods a couple of months ago, but this month, I decided to try her on mashed veggies, as well. She still hasn’t figured out the coordination completely, but she is determined to get her little handfuls of squash up to her mouth.

So, yeah, I love how healthy and strong she is. I love that she’s growing and learning. But, I also miss those tiny baby days already. Her five month “birthday” marked the last time we swaddled her, and it broke my heart a little. We knew the time was coming once she began rolling, so when that day came, the swaddle was gone. At that point, we were still putting her to bed in her Halo sleepsack, but we would just wrap the wings around her middle instead of swaddling her arms. However, the sleepsack was in the laundry one afternoon, so she napped without it, and we haven’t looked back. So, not only did we give up swaddling, we let go of how she has slept for the first 5 months of her life. Again, I know these changes are good, but I’m sad to see all of these “lasts” coming.

I know that this is only the beginning of feeling this way – we are only 6 months in, and I know that I will feel this way for the rest of my life. But I just can’t believe that our baby is half of a year old already. What makes me move past the longing for time to stop is when she sees us and is genuinely excited. When she tries to reach for us to hold her, we pick her up, and she buries her face into our shoulder. My heart breaks a little with each major milestone we reach, but each time it breaks, it’s stitched with thread from those moments when she knows us and wants us because she loves us. 

She also likes to think she can walk. Again, I’m all about hitting those milestones, but where is the pause button? I need to just hang here with my baby for a little while longer.

And, lest we forget Elliott, the one who thinks she’s the true star. Jimmy and Winnie, month 6 And now, March 3rd,  this breathtaking girl of ours is half of a year old.
For half of a year, she’s been a light we didn’t know we were missing. She’s a dream we didn’t know we could have. It’s the craziest thing to think about where we were a year ago, 5 years ago, or even 11 years ago when we were married.  To know we journeyed this far to meet our sweet Winnie. To know that she was worth every day without her because it makes us know how incredible these days with her are.

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