Oh, My Winnie… ten months with you

Parents everywhere will warn you that time flies when you have a baby. We heard this more times than we could count, but cliches like that make me a little crazy (even though I use my fair share of them), so I would brush it off. I mean, yeah, I know it feels like it flies, but time itself is still time… there are always 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, etc. My logical brain doesn’t like phrases like “time flies” because time is a constant and doesn’t actually change.


What parents everywhere FAIL to observe and mention is how much your baby will change in what feels like an impossibly short amount time… so while time isn’t actually “flying,” there is so much happening when you have a baby that it’s hard to keep up. You put a tiny newborn down to sleep one night, and literally, she wakes up sitting upright in her crib the next day. Then you put that sweet baby who sits up to bed, and she wakes up with a toothy grin, standing and greeting you with the sweetest “hiiiiii”.

Now that we’ve seen it first hand, I’d like to update the “time flies” adage… while time doesn’t actually move any faster than before, it’s now bursting at the seams with change and milestones. What used to feel like a long day or a long week now feels like the blink of an eye – days are overwhelmingly full of activity and change.

Our tiny one is living proof of this.

Some of her memorable moments from this tenth month of life…
This month was a big one for her socially. She met some of our dearest friends for the first time, and she fell right into place with them. She also really took to my dad for the first time – she’s been a little unsure about him until now, but their new relationship is one that I am really excited to watch unfold. She has started to show a big interest in Elliott this month… Elliott is still indifferent, but I think she’s starting to warm up to her since she has learned that Winnie is her biggest food source – Winnie loves to feed Elliott the food off of her high chair tray, then gets mad when she wants a bite for herself but doesn’t have any left.This month, she started mimicking us more intentionally. We can tell her to say something, and she’ll try to repeat it, including her sweet “hi” that I mentioned before. She also copies our actions and expressions, and we are having to be more aware of how we behave around her.

She went swimming this month – I’ve never seen anything cuter than Winnie in a bikini. She likes to crawl around the pool, chasing after her toys, but she grows bored of it pretty quickly and tries to climb out. I’ve been getting her new, inexpensive water toys every time I’m out to keep her interested (because momma needs that sunshine, so we’ve gotta figure out how to make this work). So far, she’s still bored and we have a collection of cheap plastic toys. Speaking of crawling, she’s figured out how to crawl up our stairs, so that’s been fun (said extremely sarcastically). The baby gates have been ordered! She attempted walking early on this month, but after a rough tumble, I think she’s a little afraid to try again (which is completely ok with us – we will keep her immobile as long as we can). She also likes to hand us everything she comes across these days… it draws a lot of attention to badly our floors need to be swept. ;)

She celebrated her papa bear and their first Father’s Day this month. He was very busy and didn’t get to see her much, but I know they are both so very thankful for each other. Their bond and love are sweet and it’s a joy to get to watch. She had her 9-month check-up appointment this month – she measures well above 90% for height and right around 50% for weight… she’s long and lean and none of her pants fit like pants – good thing she looks cute in capris. :)

I know I will never “get used to” her growing and changing, but it seems that the closer we get to that big first birthday, the more overwhelming this feeling becomes. At times, I badly want to bottle up this tiny one and her big personality and keep her this way forever… but when I think about what I will miss out on, I’m thankful that isn’t actually an option. :)  Ten months feels like such a big age, but I know that it’s just the beginning of what’s to come with her.

Jimmy and Winnie, month 10

This was probably our busiest month so far, so we didn’t get to take many photos that weren’t iPhone photos. I was lucky to even get these with how nonstop this one is.

And now, July 3rd, this ever-changing and bursting with personality baby is 10 months old.
Our days begin and end with her, and we love every second of it. We can’t get enough of her discovering new things and new words… it’s a gift and a joy to watch. Even if we do crash into our bed completely exhausted each and every night. This is parenthood, and we wouldn’t change a thing.I love that she is handing me the 9 block, as if to rub it in that we don’t need it anymore (cue the tears). A little block hoarder… notice the “N” is missing.more monthly photos


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