Oh, My Winnie… three months with you

Oh my word, three months… it’s literally unbelievable.

November was a month full of milestones from sitting up (for only a few seconds, BUT STILL) to rolling over, which means she is done with tummy-time – every time we put her on her belly, she just rolls right over onto her back. She’s actively working on getting from her back to her tummy, but I’m praying we have a while before that happens… we’ll see. November was also the month that the newborn clothes finally started to fit a little tighter… she’s still wearing a few of the onesies, but our time is limited with those.

She saw her first election this month, took her first bubble bath, and went through her first Gilmore Girls binge marathon. She loves to play, including jumping in her doorway jumper. She loves her toys and is quite content to stare at or chew on whatever is within arms reach (although, she’s still mastering her hands – they still have a mind of their own, which confuses and frustrates her). Speaking of chewing on everything… the DROOL. We haven’t had to use bibs before now (thankfully, we have avoided spit-up so far), but with this drool, we don’t have much of a choice. But she has the gummiest grin to go with it, and it’s the sweetest thing you’ve seen. She also giggles now, and it truly is the best thing we’ve ever heard.

It’s been a big month, full of change and growth, holidays and family… everything you could want for a little one. We are so very thankful for this sweet tiny one of ours, and while it seems like our newborn grew overnight, I am absolutely in love with who she is right now… she really is magical.
meagan-white-photo-louisville-childrens-photographer-18meagan-white-photo-louisville-childrens-photographer-17 meagan-white-photo-louisville-childrens-photographer-16 meagan-white-photo-louisville-childrens-photographer-15 meagan-white-photo-louisville-childrens-photographer-13 meagan-white-photo-louisville-childrens-photographer-12 meagan-white-photo-louisville-childrens-photographer-11 meagan-white-photo-louisville-childrens-photographer-10meagan-white-photo-louisville-childrens-photographer-14Since we were all set up, shooting some Thanksgiving photos, I thought we’d play with a potential Christmas photo… the bow didn’t make the Christmas card cut, but it was still cute. :)meagan-white-photo-louisville-childrens-photographer-09meagan-white-photo-louisville-childrens-photographer-08 meagan-white-photo-louisville-childrens-photographer-06

Jimmy and Winnie, Month 3.meagan-white-photo-louisville-newborn-photographer-083meagan-white-photo-louisville-newborn-photographer-080Since it is finally too cold outside, we shot these indoors this month… Elliott couldn’t stay away. :)  Also, that bottom lip about the sweetest and saddest thing I’ve ever seen. For the record, she wasn’t feeling our little photoshoot but quickly changed her mind. meagan-white-photo-louisville-newborn-photographer-081 meagan-white-photo-louisville-newborn-photographer-084 meagan-white-photo-louisville-newborn-photographer-085 And now, December 3rd, my baby is 3 months old.
She really has grown so much – from rolling to sitting to standing with very little help from us (she isn’t close to being able to balance yet, but she has crazy strong legs), it’s very clear that the “fourth trimester” has come to an end. And it has been the best 3 months of our lives.
“Extraordinarily ordinary. I’d say this is all I’ve ever wanted, but that’s not true. But if it’s all I ever got, it’d still be more than enough.”
meagan-white-photo-louisville-newborn-photographer-088 meagan-white-photo-louisville-newborn-photographer-089 meagan-white-photo-louisville-newborn-photographer-090 meagan-white-photo-louisville-newborn-photographer-096 meagan-white-photo-louisville-newborn-photographer-094 meagan-white-photo-louisville-newborn-photographer-093 meagan-white-photo-louisville-newborn-photographer-092more Winnie…
months one and two

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