Oh, My Winnie… two months with you

I keep checking and re-checking the calendar because I just cannot believe that we’ve already had two months with her.

October was a busy month, with lots of developmental changes for her (including the real smiles that we can coerce out of her, lots of chatter and cooing, and scooting her little self across her playmat). It was also the month I went back to work, spending my first days away from her, and she spent her first evening with a “babysitter” (her Nana, who does so much more than babysit). I’ve also been spending a lot of time in my office, and together, we are slowly figuring out this working-mom-from-home thing.

It’s been a busy month, and I know it is just the beginning of the busyness that is life with a baby. And while I wish time would slow, the schedules would clear, and the to-do list would shorten, it’s not because I am overwhelmed… it’s because she’s so much more than we ever imagined, and I am desperate to hold on to every second.meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-002 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-9949 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-001 img_9915 img_9914 img_9912

October 9th, her first time (outside of my belly) hearing her papa bear sing at church. (iPhone photos)img_2019 img_2022

October 17th, the day we realized we lost the pacifier vs. thumb battle.

Taking advantage of this (annoyingly) endless summer with an afternoon outside.meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0051 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0047This was the last week of October, which was also when she seemed to take notice of her hands.
meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0044 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0040

meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0031 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0025 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0024

This second month has been big for some Winnie-Elliott bonding… which is more like “Elliott is obsessed with Winnie and where ever Winnie is, Elliott isn’t far.”meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0019meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0152meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0174 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0176 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0154

October 31st, Winnie’s first Halloween.meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0002meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-9996 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-9989

Month 2 of Jimmy and Winnie :)
meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0116“I got my tight pants on”

good ol’ Jimmy, making the Whites laugh since 2014

And now, November 3rd, my girl is 2 months old.
She’s changed so much in the last month (and even more over the last two) – gone already are the days when I could snuggle her on my chest and she’d fall fast asleep. Now she fights it a little more, and we have to put in a little more work to get her to settle in. But when I’m walking the hallway with her in my arms and she puts her little arm around my shoulder like she’s doing it on purpose, I stop because I am so in love and I pray I never forget how that moment feels.  meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0068 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0072 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0078 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0064 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0065 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0089 meagan-white-photo-louisville-photographer-0084

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2 thoughts on “Oh, My Winnie… two months with you

  1. She is so beautiful. Now don’t you wish you had listened to me a long time ago! Lol
    God sure has blessed you and Shane.
    Love you all so much
    Aunt Connie

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