Oh, My Winnie… two year photos

2 Years

Last year, I recapped this girl’s month-to-month, and I loved doing it. I contemplated keeping that trend going, but this year went by so quickly, she’s turning two before I even got my feet on the ground. It’s hard to believe she’ll be two on Monday. This last year was so full for us, and I am tenderhearted at the fact that it’s already over. Our girl grew leaps and bounds this year, surprising all of us with her words and skills. Her favorite things became her Little People and her puzzles – she can play with either of those for hours. She wasn’t a fan of the great outdoors last summer. It could be because she couldn’t walk, or it could be that she was taking a cue from her momma. Either way, we worked hard at changing her heart and here we are, two years old and she LOVES being “ow-side”. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Micky and the Roadster Racers.  She also loves watching movies like Sing, The Secret Life of Pets, Monsters, Inc., and Zootopia. Our girl is an animal lover, but only in the cartoon or pretend form. We took her to the zoo, and she wasn’t impressed (maybe because none of them were talking?). Another trait she might get from momma.Getting her to smile at my camera is a full-time job. She’s a busy little thing, never sitting still for very long. One of her favorite things to do is “go, go, go,” which means running laps in our house or across the backyard.  I never want to forget her vocabulary at this time. I think it’s my favorite thing about her being two. Some of my favorite words of hers are:
Mickey – “Cow”
Minnie – “Bee”
Momma – “Baba”
Elbow – “Bel-bow”
Cereal – “Cereoleole” Everything about this kid is my favorite (including those curls). We had no idea how generous God could be, but this past year has shown us again and again that we still have no idea, and He will surpass any expectation or measure we create. She is a picture of His love for us, and we are so, so, SO thankful for the gift that is Winnie.


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