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I decided recently that I really, really, reeeeeally  like our home. When we first moved to Kansas, we stayed with the most awesome, amazing family, so it was a little bittersweet when we bought our first house. Obviously, we were totally excited. It was such a trip to find (note to a future home buyer: good luck. houses here are a little…. outdated. and by that, I mean, Hello, 1970. which, would have totally been workable, except the PRICES. I’m all for buying paneling and shag carpet except for when I can’t even afford that! agh! but, I digress…). We searched for months, and had almost given up, but then came along our sweet little place. We saw and closed within three weeks. It’s like it was meant to be. :)

So, back to my ORIGINAL point. I like this place.

It really does fit us so stinkin perfectly. And my friends/family back home haven’t had the opportunity to see it. And we have mountains of snow outside, which provides some killer light coming through the windows, so I’m almost obligated to take photos and share. :)

(sorry, I’m realizing that was a lengthy and odd explanation to welcome you to our first home… I promise, if you visit in person, we never have to talk about this again)

Welcome to our home. Here’s our front door. Oh, and I love Valentine’s Day decorations. And the candy.
Meagan White Photo - our white house home tour001

This could become tedious, but this is our “foyer.” It is weird for me to call it that. As a kid, I had never heard that word – I think I had one friend who had one in her home, and she moved away when I was young. I would have referred to a space like this as a waiting room, because the only places I had ever been that had a strange extra space when you first came in was the dentist’s and doctor’s offices. So, to say I have one in my house and to actually call it that – it’s just strange. But we have one, and the stairs to our basement are in it. So, if someone breaks in, my plan is to shove that person down the steps. That should work, right?

And another note – I have  a very special Valentine back home. I receive a card from him every year, which are what are all over my mirror. Isn’t that just the best?
Meagan White Photo - our white house home tour004

This is a photo from our front door, looking down our basement stairs. I bought that map at Hobby Lobby. Growing up, it was a hobby to fill in blank US maps with state names and capitals (nerd alert), so you can imagine how happy I was to hang this in our home.
Meagan White Photo - our white house home tour002 Meagan White Photo - our white house home tour003  Meagan White Photo - our white house home tour005

Meagan White Photo - our white house home tour011

When we very first walked into this house, the first thing we noticed was how open it was, even though it’s not considered an “open floor plan.” These little cutout windows in our waiting room help it feel more open than it is. The two plus the doorway in the front are looking into our living room, and the one on the right looks into our dining room. It’s kind of super awesome.

And I got the Valentine’s garland AND the ampersand at Hobby Lobby. Pretty much my favorite store EVER.Meagan White Photo - our white house home tour006  

This record player table was my mom’s dad’s… I guess that means this table was my grandpa’s. Der.
(and that’s my living room in the back – I didn’t pick it up yet today, so those pictures will have to wait.)
Meagan White Photo - our white house home tour008 Meagan White Photo - our white house home tour009

If I’m being honest, I’ve never read any of these books all the way through. However, I have made it at least halfway on MULTIPLE occasions, so I pretty much count it. 
Meagan White Photo - our white house home tour010

These books are all old hymnals. Because of the church I grew up in, I probably HAVE read each of these all of the way through.
And that camera? Totes real and functioning.
Meagan White Photo - our white house home tour012

Meagan White Photo - our white house home tour013

So, that’s what you see when you walk in. Thanks for stopping by. In other news, we still have bonkers amounts of snow. I hate it. This chalkboard needs to make its way out to the porch before Valentine’s Day, so this snow HAS GOT TO GO.
Meagan White Photo - our white house home tour014

Meagan White Photo - our white house home tour015

3 thoughts on “Our White House // a home tour: welcome

  1. I love your little home and your little family and everything…

    And my favorite line, besides the tangent on FOYERS [kind of like how I never EVEN KNEW what a CULDESAC was until I went to COLLEGE because, hello!, small towns], was “totes real”

    I need to come to your lovely little home again soon.
    And then we can go to Hobby Lobby. Obviously.

    1. I think of you every time someone says culdesac :)
      and, obviously, a Hobby Lobby trip is most definitely in order :)

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