turning pain into praise

For a year, I have tried to write about this.
365 days of trying to put words to a grief I’ve never experienced… and a redemption that I didn’t know my soul needed.

Then I found this: “And I did not know that in the middle of much pain and grief and loss, I would experience a joy and a peace that far surpassed human understanding. The Lord would take the darkness and make it … the place where I knew Him more intimately and deeply than I had ever fathomed possible. ”

In this world you will have trouble.
But take heart… I have overcome the world.

help me in my unbelief, even when my eyes can’t see… You’re the name above all names, still the name above the grave

I was honored to be invited into this sacred space… honored to photograph the hardest, grief-filled moments that were mirrored with the most beautiful, joy-filled responses… honored to witness a family stand in the unknown and cling to joy.

One foot in hope and one foot in heartache.

still, I’ll praise You

I have struggled with sharing any of these photos. It’s not my story… this is the story of lives changing around the world, all because one little girl lived boldly and proclaimed Jesus to everyone she met. It’s not my story, but what I encountered behind my camera was something undeniable. The room was raw, grief had swept in and tried to take over, but something was there, taking its place.

It was Him. He was there.

I’ve never experienced the real presence of our King before that day. At least, not like that. I witnessed two parents, through tears and worship and praise, walk their daughter home to her creator. I watched them make the greatest sacrifice and give her back to the One who was making her whole again. There is no way to justly describe what I experienced. But I am going to try, and I’m going to hope and pray I honor Calla and her life well. #praiseforcalla

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2 thoughts on “turning pain into praise

  1. Hello Megan,
    My name is Katie Naville and I am in Crystal’s women’s group at Northside Christian Church and also teach at the preschool where both Calla and Lilah attended. These photos and your words are absolutely beautiful. You captured through photos the way that Team Woods lives their lives every single day…praising through the pain. Thank you for loving Calla, Ben, Crystal, and all the family so well. May God Bless You ❤

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