Sneak-A-Peek: Baby Love // oh, and The Jersey Shore …

Scusa the delay in posts. I’ve been working on a borrowed computer and, it’s been a bit more complicated than expected.  
In other news, isn’t it great how I’m learning Italian!?
Well, at least I’m learning a few words.
Or just one word.
…… truth is, I don’t even know if that one word is even being used correctly.
Ok, so I’m kind of almost sort of learning.
Not really.

Whatever. The reality is… (gosh, I can’t admit this…) 

….I’ve been watching Jersey Shore (agh! I KNOW!).
But, I’m deciding to think that instead of my brain turning to mush, it’s gaining valuable information.
Like the Italian language!
Anyway, back to the point of my post… THIS BEAUTIFUL BABY!
I love her TO PIECES. I love ALL babies to pieces, but I especially love this one. She’s my baby b.f.f. :)
Hopefully – pending no further computer technicalities that I don’t understand –
 I’ll be able to share more of this baby’s beauty with you in a day or two… until then…

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