Sneak-A-Peek:: Cincinnati Wedding Photographer :: The Reeeesss. Rees’s. Reeses.

Their new last name is hard to figure out.
But they are amazing and adorable and beautiful and fun.

It’s just not right.

[I adore the above photos –
the one on the right is the shot I intended to get.
the one on the left sums up this day quite well.
in between my crazy directing and clicking,
this groom couldn’t keep his eyes off his bride.
[this is one of my favorite shots.
they are crazy in love.
and crazy good looking. holy cow.]

by the way…

this incredibly beautiful bride is just as kind and sweet as she looks.
she won’t even kill a spider.
shew, it takes a LOVING person to rescue a spider.
and that is exactly who she is.
she saved the little critter’s life while I stood back (far back) and observed.
You two…. gosh, I just loved your day.
And the two of you.
I can’t wait to share more soon.

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