sneak-a-peek of Sam and Emily. oh, and here I am, big KC.

So, we moved.
And it was exhausting.
I could share the tiring details,
explain my disdain for brown boxes that seem to be everywhere,
tell you all about my mental breakdown as we crossed into Kansas
(at that point, I had been in the car -almost nonstop- for 9 hours –
I was freaking out for no other reason than that, although that was a good enough reason for me),
or share our not-so-successful house hunt so far,
but all of that seems to be a little ho-hum boring.

I could also share with you how incredible it’s been since we’ve been here,
explain how I will most definitely be gaining 100 pounds from all of the food I’ve been eating
(the generous and gracious family we are staying with know how to feed a person!),
sing the praises of the people we’ve met and the kindness we’ve encountered,
or tell you how I am scared to death but so super excited to maybe possibly be buying a house.
Buuuuuut…. all of that would require way too much detail and typing. At least for now. :)

Instead, I’m going to talk shop for a few minutes.
Some key things about my business have been on my mind for a couple of weeks,
and as I am sorting through the what and how,
I’m thinking more about who I am and what I do.

This is what I had to say at the end of last year (like it was soooo long ago)
about my business and what my brand looks like.
Like I said, I haven’t limited myself or decided I’m this and not that.
                     Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
                                       (name that show!)
But, because I like to act as if I’m cool and know what I’m doing,
it’s taken me FOR-EVVV-ERRR to get to a place where I am ok with not being labeled.
Again, not that there’s anything wrong with that.
Some photographers rock the weddings and have so much fun doing so that those are all they want to shoot.
Some are crazy good with infants and invest all they know into that.
But, I’m CRAZY INDECISIVE. Don’t know if you knew that or not.
And there’s no way under the sun that I’d be able to CHOOSE. At least, not right now.
So, Kansas City, here I am.
Completely undecided and excited to keep it that way.
At least, for now.

And until that changes, you get to keep seeing a variety of sweet faces around here. :)
Like these two.
Oh. My. Cuteness.

Ok, here’s where I will call myself something….
a photographer of the world’s most beautiful people.

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