sneak-a-peek: The PBR

My time shooting at the Bank of Kentucky Center just keeps getting better. The most recent event I was at was THE RODEO. Woo!

I can’t describe to you how much fun this night was.
I just know that I never felt more at home than when I was in the presence of cowboy boots and plaid. :)

I can also tell you I learned a lot.
One major lesson is…

…when you fall off of a bull…..

…you should get up and MOVE . FAST.
and, no, I don’t think that a leg should bend like THAT.

One response to “sneak-a-peek: The PBR”

  1. kelseylynae says:

    ahh…that last picture is CRAZY!!

    and I do know how much you love PLAID…remember that TJMAXX shirt I tried and tried to convince you to put back :) ha

    also, i have today off and really want to just go sit at star bucks and edit some pictures I just took for a girl…want to come?

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