Southern Indiana and Louisville Children’s Photographer | Emerson

You guys know that I am ALL about a themed party. From our Mad Men Christmas party to my girl’s Jimmy Fallon first birthday (apparently I never blogged that?), I LOVE a good theme. So, when Emily told me that this party was going to be Parks and Rec themed, you KNOW I was IN! Emerson rang in his first birthday with friends and family, all enjoying the Parks and Rec details. From his Li’l Sebastian shirt to the hand-drawn festival banner, there were SO many things to love about this party. DJ Roomba and Leslie’s favorite meal from the one and only J. J.’s Diner… From the frisbee plates to the waffle bar, the spread was so perfect. Bacon (“just give me ALL the bacon and eggs you have”), fry-fry-chick-chick, and a “low-call calzone zone” were followed with some incredible sweet treats: Li’l Sebastian cookies (from the one and only 410 Bakery), “treat yo’self” truffles, and Andy’s mouth surprise (“the flavor of the Starbursts really bring out a similar flavor in the Skittles”). And then, there was the cake. Parks and Rec fans, you’ll know it and you’ll love it: it’s The Pit (including an actual Chris Pratt figure). I don’t think there’s a more fitting dessert to such a perfectly themed day. Friends, this was a day for the books. Thank you, Sheffields, for having me. It was SO much fun!!

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