Southern Indiana and Louisville Newborn Photographer | Avery

Welcome home, baby Avery. You are adored, but I’m certain you know that already.  I know I’m not the only one who can’t get enough of baby yawns. I mean, is there anything cuter than this? Avery is the most perfect little guy. I can’t handle how cute he is.
When you’re one week old, and you shock your momma by trying to jump out of her arms… Are you kidding me with these lips!?
And this perfect little profile? Oh my word. Nantz family, THANK YOU. You are three of the best there are, and we are thankful for you and for your friendship. Having the opportunity to help you remember these days forever is a great gift, and I’m so happy you have these images to document the beauty and sweetness that is your new life with your new boy.

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