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I have a friend who has been using Stitch Fix for a few months, and I’ve always read her posts with the mindset “but I LIKE shopping for clothes, so this isn’t for me.” Which was true… until I realized that I actually don’t like shopping for clothes. I mean, I like shopping… shopping for the boss? Yes, I’m in. I also love grocery shopping and Christmas shopping and Hobby Lobby shopping. Or shoe shopping online… that I can do. But, I really don’t enjoy shopping for clothes, and I realized that pretty quickly once my first “fix” arrived. It was like I had gone shopping for the hours it takes to find pieces that aren’t EVERYWHERE (I love you Target, but seriously, if I see that flannel shirt I bought on one more person…), and returned without feeling the wasted time/energy or the stress of the entire process.

For people who’ve never heard of Stitch Fix, I’m going to let Ally explain it:
“…for those who don’t know, [Stitch Fix] is an online service where you set up a profile, pay $20 and have a personal stylist send you five curated items they think will suit your needs/wants. Once they arrive, you get three days to try things on, mix-and-match with items from your own closet, and decide what you want to keep. If you keep anything, your $20 up front goes toward your final total; if you keep everything, you get a 25% discount on the entire box.”

Basically, have someone shop for you based on what you tell them you want/need, and only pay for the pieces you decide to keep. Which is WONDERFUL if you are anything like me: shop for hours and find things that aren’t really what you want but should work, buy it all, get it home, decide NONE of it works, then hold on to it for a month before you actually take it back to the store to return it, find out you’ve lost your receipt, deal with the hassle of the cashier who doesn’t know how to return sans-receipt, then finally be given store credit for a fraction of what you actually paid.

Nope. No thank you.

Anyway. Onward.
My first Stitch Fix.
I had requested weekend and date night pieces, since those are pretty much the only times I’m not in workout clothes or pajamas. My box arrived all pretty and packaged, and I immediately tore into it, destroying how cute it looked. Hey, girl’s on a mission, what can I say.
The first item I tried on was a “Mixed Material Tank”. 01I’m a fan of tanks because I’m a fan of layers, and a top like this can be year-round for me. Also, it’s my favorite color combo, and then there’s the matter of it being nice and long, so totally legging-able. In the end, I was sold.

The second thing I tried on was a pair of “Skinny Pants” – basically, they are wonderful, glorified leggings, which are my favorite things on this earth. 02`I’m a protester of leggings as pants, however, these have pockets, which makes them pants, not leggings. Also, leggings are much thinner than these glorious legging-pants are. The one downside – they were too long (and too wide at the bottom to roll). I grew up constantly fighting the opposite of this – I was consistently asked, “hey Meagan, where’s the flood?” My dad would step on the bottoms of my wet jeans, straight out of the washer, and pull with all of his strength, trying to stretch them long enough to fit my gangly legs. So, finding these to be TOO long was shocking and disappointing. The price was a little too high for me to make it work, otherwise, I would have been all over this pair of pants.

However, what is also worth noting is that I LOVED the waist on these (pardon these weird pictures, but when I’m shopping, a high waist is a big deal for me – I’ve got a rear and that low-rise business does. not. work.). I’m not sure if this will be helpful to ANYONE, but this brand (Liverpool Jeans) is amazing in the waist department, so I will be shopping for another pair.03-04

The third piece was a “Faux Leather Moto Jacket,” and I almost cried from how much I loved it.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

You guys. This jacket. I would marry it and make the boss be a brother-husband with it if I could. I LOVED the style of it, I loved the color (hard to see, but it was a dark blue/gray), LOVED the details (copper? YES PLEASE.), but… I didn’t love the fit. It was a bit too big, making it feel boxy on me. I didn’t take a good picture of the boxiness because I loved it so and couldn’t stand the idea of making it look bad. Moto Jacket, you are beautiful… please shrink down just a smidge and come live on me forever?

The fourth piece was a “Crochet Detail Tank”. 10It was a pretty color, and I liked the style of it, but again, it was a little loose. It kept sliding all across me, leaving me adjusting and fidgeting – two things I don’t want to be doing with clothes. Plus, the back… I don’t want to show my bra in a top this cute. Maybe if it were black, everything would blend? 11-12

The fifth and last piece was a “Sheer Back Knit Top”.13Cute, fit great, comfy… but not really me. I loved the sheer back – it wasn’t see-through, so that was a win, but it was a little brighter than the photos show. Plus, the top as a whole didn’t do much for me, and it was a little pricey for being so simple.14-15

In the end, I kept the first tank and nothing else. I so badly wanted the pants, but I couldn’t justify the price for the fit. And I SO BADLY want that jacket. But again, the price:fit ratio just didn’t work out. I requested a good pair of jeans, so I’m hoping my next box might deliver on that one. This one wasn’t a huge success, but I will say that my stylist has kind of nailed what I like/wear perfectly. And, because I don’t want to end on a negative, here’s a shirt that I already owned, but that I was wearing pre-Stitch Fix delivery… if you follow my instagramyou saw this yesterday, but-um-hello, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, so it’s worth sharing again.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Thanks for reading. Hopefully you didn’t think this was TOO weird of a post. : ) 
If you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself, click any of the links to give it a whirl. Whether you love or hate shopping, it doesn’t matter – really, it’s like getting a present for yourself. from yourself. It’s almost as if you hand-picked it (because it is SO perfect for you), but you’re totally surprised by what it is (because someone else did all of the shopping for you). So if you like gifts, then you’ll like Stitch Fix. : )

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