“I more than love you, I’m not whole without you. You are life itself to me.” We've been married for 12 years [...]

to the best there is

Happy birthday to the one who makes us his everything. Your first birthday with her in your arms, and I think it's [...]


"I was crazy about you then and now the craziest thing of all, over ten years have gone by and you're still [...]

I’ll never get enough

I swear I couldn't love you more than I do right now, and yet,  I know I will tomorrow. -leo christopher I've [...]


10 ... "We loved with a love that was more than love." - Poe I wish I had original words to say what my heart [...]

the best day of the year. :)

your life is my life's best part. this is the 15th year I have celebrated your birthday, and every year, I'm [...]


9 years with you. This 9th year has been, in a word, INCREDIBLE. But we both know it's been so much more than [...]

happy day, to my fave

For your birthday, I've been wracking my brain, trying to come up with any words. But I can't... they don't [...]


The word EIGHT. It just doesn't do it justice. Year 8 was HUGE. So big. We moved (story of our lives, quite [...]

it’s a happy kind of day

every breath that is in your lungs is a tiny little gift to me a HUGE happy birthday to the boss [...]


Lucky number 7. 7 days in a week 7 wonders of the world 7 continents in the sea 7 colors in a [...]


my heart is full. I have just had three-ish of the BEST DAYS EVER. Remember the baby that pretty much changed my [...]


Me: Hey, you're pretty cool. SW: [kind of chuckles, nods head] Yeah. Me: ........ Me: I mean, I like you, [...]

My Guy

my guy. so cute. seriously. I thought I'd write you a sweet, loving little something, but the thing is, [...]


it's really not a big number it's only half of 10 and 10 is really only a big deal when you are 9 years [...]

Installment 7: it’s time

We dated for a little over another year after I graduated high school. At that point, we had been together for 5 [...]

Installment 6: new beginnings

He missed me. Huh..... Well, good for him because                   I MISSED HIM LIKE [...]

Installment 5: dating machine

The first time I ever actually went somewhere with my new boyfriend was after the Parent Night band performance. We [...]

Installment 4: officially THAT BOY

The next day, when I came into the band room, I was actually looking forward to my day. I didn't know why that was [...]

Installment 3: get a clue

I came back on Tuesday in a bit of a better mood, seeing how I had [surprisingly] survived the day before. (I was [...]

Installment 2: go away

I was in band.               And I [thought I] hated band. I wanted so badly to quit, but no one would [...]

Installment 1: love means multiple options

In the 8th grade, I was "in love" with a few different people... first, there was the boy in my class. I had "loved" [...]


Last year, for our anniversary, I wrote our love story out on paper for the first time. I really enjoyed reliving all [...]