Taking Stock

I found this little list a couple of months ago,
but now I feel like I want to participate. So here goes.

Making: more coffee
Cooking: up dreams and ideas, but not a lot of food
Drinking: aforementioned coffee with generous amounts of pumpkin pie creamer
Reading: less than I ever have in my life – must fix this
Wanting: more love letters in my life
Looking: at the calendar – I can’t believe the year is waning so quickly
Playing: songs with lyrics that suddenly have new meaning
Wasting: too much time being idle
Sewing: a whole lot of nothing – I made more pillowcases than I can count this summer. I. am. done.
Wishing: for a simpler mind
Enjoying: my little home with my little family
Waiting: not so patiently
Liking: the choices I’ve made
Wondering: what my awkward dog really thinks sometimes
Loving: that I wake up to this life every day
Hoping: for more happy tomorrows
Marveling: at the people in our lives
Needing: to smell a certain little baby
Smelling: fresh coffee – I just refilled
Wearing: boots because it’s fall and I can, even if it is 80 degrees outside
Following: my man where ever he leads – the view from behind is great :)
Noticing: the change in the air and changes in me
Knowing: I have someone great on my side
Thinking: about how I over-think
Bookmarking: too many DIYs that I’ll never do
Opening: email after email after email, but loving every minute of it
Giggling: to myself out loud
Feeling: quite happy, actually

In other news, I found this picture on an old hard drive.
It’s from the first session I shot as a “hmm, I think this is what I want to do with my life” photographer.
There are so many things that I now know I did wrong, it’s almost hard to look at the picture.
BUT, I did the session, the photos were usable, and I learned, learned, learned.
So, here’s to taking stock and to learning from who we used to be.

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