The Most Wonderful Time

I read somewhere once that if you decorate for Christmas,
then you-have-to-post-pictures-of-your-Christmas-decorations.

                      It’s that simple.

So, while the hoilday itself has come and gone,
the “spirit” of Christmas lives on in our house.

                      Mainly because I’m too lazy I haven’t found the time in the midst of my busy schedule to “undecorate.”

Our tree still stands, the nativity is still set up, the lights are still strung…

                      yes. my name is Meagan and I am a lazy, post-Chrstmas undecorator.

And, apparently, I’m a fan of my Christmas tree, since that’s just about all I showed you.
You’ll just have to trust me that the Christmas decorations are quite abundant through our entire home.
And that our nativity features the cutest Baby Jesus ever. Except for maybe the real-deal Baby Jesus, but whatever.

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