the whites went to gatlinburg again

We went a couple of months earlier than last year (and it was a couple of months warmer) – I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I did last year, but I can tell you that I had twice the fun.MW Photo - Gatlinburg 012Also, I wish I knew why I was so dang awkward in front of a camera. Good thing the boss has got this figured out – otherwise we would be hopeless. : )  And a gigantic high-five to my pal Christy for taking these. MW Photo - Gatlinburg 013MW Photo - Gatlinburg 001 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 002 This is my friend and artist extraordinaire, Justin. He had mentioned headshots, then we saw this backdrop, and I didn’t give him much of a choice in the matter. : )MW Photo - Gatlinburg 003 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 004 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 005 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 006 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 008 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 009MW Photo - Gatlinburg 010 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 011 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 014I took this really awesome photo of a bear, so I’m pretty much a nature photographer now, National Geographic will probably be calling to hire me, no big deal.
(also, it’s too bad there’s not a sarcasm font)MW Photo - Gatlinburg 016MW Photo - Gatlinburg 017 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 019 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 020 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 021 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 024 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 025 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 026 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 028MW Photo - Strucke Family 018More of this crazy cute kid coming later this week.MW Photo - Strucke Family 029 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 030 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 031 MW Photo - Gatlinburg 032I only took my camera out one day, specifically for a certain little mr.’s 6 month photos – the rest of the time, I just used my phone, but I think it did just fine.Photo Nov 06, 2 30 01 PMPhoto Nov 06, 2 29 59 PM Photo Nov 06, 2 38 12 PM Photo Nov 06, 2 44 36 PM

Photo Nov 06, 12 47 10 PMPhoto Nov 07, 3 16 29 PMPhoto Nov 07, 5 32 52 PMPhoto Nov 06, 7 22 46 PM

It is just the best thing in the world to call these people my people. This trip couldn’t have been at a better time, and the boss and I are incredibly thankful for each face in this photo.

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