We started 2014 completely differently than we had any other year – apart.
I was celebrating with family in the correct timezone,
and the boss was on the couch in Kansas, most likely engulfed in a Netflix original.

Needless to say, 2014 wasn’t our biggest beginning.
But that’s because it saved all of its excitement for the last 2 months.

Our lives got flipped, turned upside down (name it) in bigger ways than ever before,
and that’s just been since Thanksgiving.


Last yearI predicted that you, 2014, would outdo your predecessor.
I didn’t see it coming, but by golly, you did.
And what’s funny about my prediction? You were as unpredictable as they come.

We were blindsided, we were encouraged, we were broken, we were beside-ourselves-ecstatic.
Sometimes we were all of these things in one, single breath.
And all of the time, we were these things together, side by side.

This year, we made the biggest decisions of our lives,
and I think those decisions are just the beginning.

This year, we loved our friends and our families
in bigger ways than we knew how to imagine.

This year, we found ourselves holding on to each other in the scariest, diciest times,
and cheering for each other during the most exciting, joyful times.

Most importantly, this year, we learned of a new love for each other.

It makes this story of ours messier, but it makes it so much bigger.

2015, here we go.

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