’tis the season

If you live anywhere local and read my post the other day mentioning the “sweet Spring rain,” you probably think I’m some kind of nut. Why? Because, once I posted that little jinx, the skies laughed out loud and opened up to release a FURY of unprecedented proportions. 
        (ok, maaaaaybe that’s pushing it. but, it was rough out. I promise, that’s the honest truth.)
My sweet rain turned into an unwelcome thunderstorm. 
My peaceful reading changed to fretful pacing and cleaning (what else is there to do besides busy yourself with a vacuum? nothing like the hum of floors being swept to drown out that HIDEOUS THUNDER.)
BUT… as much as I despise storms, I love that Spring is here.
I nearly wept with joy at the sight of these beautiful blooms.

Rain, rain, go away, 
come again another day.
And leave your friends,
thunder and lightning and wind.
No one likes them.
And if they think they do,
they’re terribly mistaken.
Trust me.

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