‘Tis The Season

I think I’ve said this a bajillion times (real number, I promise), but Summer is over. (ok, it may be hanging on a little bit, but my blog, my rules. and my rules say Summer is over. :) )

And that means the holidays are almost here….

I know a bunch of you are cursing me under your breath right now for even mentioning that. :)

No, I’m not crazy (well, I suppose that could be debated), but I AM already thinking about Christmas.

                                                                                                                               who’s with me?
Primarily, I’m thinking about those Christmas cards. I looove  me some Christmas cards.
                                                         Especially the ones with photos. I mean, who doesn’t?
Here’s the thing… if you want to be on who sends those lovely photo Christmas cards, 
now’s the time to book for your Christmas card photos.
I know, I know, it seems crazy and silly to think about that NOW.
But, in order to have them ready in time for the Christmas season, now’s the time! I promise!
And, lucky for you all, now’s also the time for an end of Summer special…
                                      you can book and get all of the goodies needed for those beautiful Christmas cards
                                                                                       for the price of a regular ol’ session.
One catch – you have to get in touch with me and schedule something by the END OF SEPTEMBER
in order to guarantee delivery of your images in time for the holiday season.
Then all that will be left to do is PRINT!
(clarification: the session doesn’t have to be scheduled for a date within the month of September, it just has to be BOOKED with me by the end of the month.)

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