“I was crazy about you then and now the craziest thing of all,
over ten years have gone by
and you’re still mine…”

Marrying you 11 years ago was the second best decision I’ve ever made.

The number one best decision I’ve made is saying yes to you every day since.

For ten years, I’ve written about you, about us… it’s been a special way to celebrate with you. However, this year is different. In years past, I could list events and details that marked our year, but this year, Winnie is here, and that’s all that has mattered to us. Our year has been about her, and I don’t think we would change anything about that. Because, in being about her, it’s been about us more than any other year.


So, hear’s to the last 11 and to the next 99. I’ve loved you bigger this year than ever before. 

(year 10 … year 9 … year 8 … year 7 … year 6 … year 5 …. and, of course, our story)

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