The word EIGHT.
It just doesn’t do it justice.
Year 8 was HUGE. So big.
We moved (story of our lives, quite literally).
We found family we didn’t know we were missing.
We grew appreciation we didn’t know we didn’t have.
We loved each other fiercely.
We loved on friends fiercely.
We missed family.
We went to the beach. It took 8 years, but we did it.
We bought a car, thanks to necessity. :)
We learned so much, it’s ridiculous.

Year 8 was a HUGE year.
SW, I’ve never loved you more.


“to be perfectly honest, all I wanted was to buy a little house and spend my whole life with you.”

MF 0543

SW:: Happy 8 years. We are rocking it. :)

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year 5 …. year 6 …. year 7 …. and, of course, our story

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