meagan white photo - us 1 9 years with you.

This 9th year has been, in a word, INCREDIBLE.
But we both know it’s been so much more than that.
There isn’t a word to accurately say it;
there isn’t a way to accurately describe it.

9 years ago, I stood, holding your hands, committing to a life I would have never predicted.
9 years ago, I promised my forever to you, not knowing what that forever would be.
9 years ago, I stood with dreams and fearful hope of what marriage would look like.
9 years ago, I told you I loved you, not knowing how much bigger love actually was.
9 years ago, I thought I knew. I thought I understood. But really, I had no idea.

9 years have stretched, grown, tried, and blessed us, all in ways we would have never guessed.

This 9th year, dare I say it, has been our BEST.

 9 years ago, if I had mapped out what I thought I wanted from my life with you,
I would be heartbroken today to learn of all the things I missed out on.
9 years ago, I had no idea of the magnitude that my life with you would be.
I would have sold it so short, but that’s what’s beautiful about these 9 –
we’ve never been in control, and I love it.

Here’s to 9x9x9x9 more years of out of control, absolute love with you.meagan white photo - us 2-2

(year 8… year 7year 6… year 5 …. and, of course, our story)

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