A Note Of Hello


I can’t tell you how awesome it is for me to be opening my mailbox day after day and seeing so many
wonderful Christmas wishes!
                                   I LOVE CHRISTMAS CARDS!

I just love to receive notes of any sort, actually.

While cleaning and reorganizing (ok, attempting to clean and reorganize) over my little pre-Christmas-break
this past weekend (yes, folks, I had five consecutive, glorious days for a
little mini-vacation this weekend. holler!), I found a stack of little “memories” from someone who is crazy
near and dear
                to my heart.

She speaks my love language for sure!

In other news, a new dog moved in across the way from us.

Maybe it’s because we’ve never given her a chance to get “settled” somewhere, so she doesn’t get bothered
by moving to new places, but my little peach, Ellie-Bean, has never had near the trouble the neighboring
pooch is having. HE WON’T STOP BARKING.
I’m trying to feel bad for him, to feel sad he’s so stressed.
But all I can feel is annoyed.
Ugh, what a noob… newb? …
                       you know, like newbie? ok, I’m talking way out of my league of not-so-cool, and it’s beginning to show.
I’m out.

2 thoughts on “A Note Of Hello

  1. I seriously sent you a ranch label? [Okay…not really too surprised about that! :-)] And I LOVE that you LOVE cards as much as me…and that you save them just like me… sigh. Made for each other.

    I lol-ed at “noob/newb”. Thank you.

    Dogs are…

    I won’t finish that sentence because it would make Elliot feel badly.

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