Cincinnati Photographer:: A Northern Kentucky Family (for now):: Ben+Leigh Ann+three incredible kids

Meet Ben+Leigh Ann+their 3 incredible kids. All five should just model full-time, no big deal… but I mean it, seriously. The lighting when we shot was horrible. I mean, HORRIBLE! There wasn’t a cloud in the forecast, it was beautiful out, and about 2 minutes into, it got SO DARK. So I start panicking, rushing, trying to […]

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/KANSAS CITY (oh my!) Family Photographer:: this family is THE BOMB.COM (is that still a phrase?)

The I’m totally shouting my lameness at you. But it’s my bloggy, I’ll be lame if I want to. :)This family IS THE BEST. THE COOLEST. THE BOOOOMB.We just love, love, LOVE them all. I can’t say enough good things, so I’ll just show them off like I own them. They’re mine. If I […]

Cincinnati Area Photographer:: Northern KY Senior Girls Photographer:: Cassidy

Holy. Smokes. This girl is awesome. Oh, and she’s incredibly gorgeous. But whatever. :) I had so much fun shooting these photos – Cassidy was a fantastic model! At one point we had a squirrel chuck a nut out of the tree and at her poor, innocent head. I’m not exaggerating. The squirrel launched that […]

Cincinnati Area Photographer:: Northern Kentucky Maternity Photographer:: Papa Pat, Mama Paula, and Baby Isa:: A BEAUTIFUL Family.

I can’t explain the joy and love I feel for this family. Not to mention, they are all  SO beautiful! I mean, come on, Paula! Gorgeous! I’ve never done maternity before, and I would say that Paula was the most perfect model to start with. :) And, of course, ALL of these photos are my favorites. But… […]