Cincinnati and Louisville Photographer:: Michael and Bailey

Oh my word. My wittle baby Michael… he’s all grown up! (and he’ll probably die from embarrassment from this post)

Meagan White Photo 001

I love him to pieces – as a little boy, and now, as a young man. When I was younger, I would beg to babysit him (and his sister, Lindsay). I would have sat for HOURS and played with little tonka trucks with this kid.

And now? Now he’s not a kid. Now he’s the cutest young man out there, and my heart is just about exploding from all of the cuteness that is him and his sweet girlfriend, Bailey. She must be a special girl, to have his heart. I am all sorts of excited to see what the future holds for the two of them (even though a huge part of me would rather just keep him as a 3 year old for the rest of his life, but whatever).

Meagan White Photo 002 Meagan White Photo 003Meagan White Photo 004I mean, are you KIDDING ME WITH THIS CUTENESS?!Meagan White Photo 006Meagan White Photo 005Meagan White Photo 007Meagan White Photo 009When we did his senior photosit was my goal to make him LOVE having his photo taken.

While I’m not sure that we’re there yet, I do know that I’ve photographed him twice in one year, and that makes me SO HAPPY. He’s a cutie-patootie, and so is this sweet girlfriend of his. : )

Meagan White Photo 010Meagan White Photo 012Meagan White Photo 013Meagan White Photo 015Meagan White Photo 016Meagan White Photo 017Meagan White Photo 018M and B::
thank you for letting me do these photos for you. you are two of my favorite clients, and I would photograph you for days if you’d let me. : )
and, Michael, you will forever and always be a special kid to me – I love you to pieces.
and Bailey? girl, you love one of my favorites. that makes you the best in my book. : )
Meagan White Photo 019Meagan White Photo 020


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