Cincinnati Area Family Photographer:: The Griffin Family

The last two weeks have been a complete whirlwind around here.
The boss and I had plans to go out of town for Thanksgiving,
so, being the OVER-planning person that I am,
I began lists and preparations weeks ahead of time.
…And then we had a last minute change in our plans –
something the OCD in me does not do well with.
But, it’s ok, it was a good change,
and I managed through it like a planning champ. :)
We ended up heading out of town a week earlier than scheduled
(here’s a visual of what the OCD in me did when this happened),
and when we got home,
we hit the ground FLYING.
Busy is becoming our thing.
But, here we are, on the other side of our eventful little trip,
and I’m FINALLY getting to share some of my favorite images from this fall.
These are pictures I wanted to show you beautiful people BEFORE Thanksgiving,
but we know how my planning of things goes…
Meet the Griffin family.
Adam is a childhood friend of mine,
and now he’s all grown up and gets to
share life with three beautiful, sweet girls.
Greta, his wife, is just amazing.
And their two little ones are as cute as can be.
I think this one is my favorite.
But I also like the b&w – slightly different, but still beautiful.
I can’t decide.
I think this is another favorite.

Adam and Greta::
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I know there are plenty of choices for a photographer,
but I’m so blessed and touched and honored.
You were great fun, and such a sweet and adorable little family.
I loved getting to spend the afternoon with you. :)
I hope to get to do this again!!!

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