Cincinnati Wedding Photographer | Lindsay and Jake

There are too many things I loved about this wedding,
and I could go on and on about all of the bits and pieces that came together, making this day beautiful.
But I won’t.
I’ll just say how much I loved the intimate setting that Jake’s family’s home provided for the ceremony…
…and how much I loved the summer breeze that had been absent the week leading up to the big day,
but arrived just in time to make the outdoor afternoon wedding perfect…
and how beautiful Lindsay was on this day,
and how excited she and Jake were to see each other at the end of the aisle for the first time…
…and how the love and support of their families wrapped around everyone at the ceremony,
making this one of the sweetest weddings I’ve been a part of….
…and then I’ll just let the rest of this post speak for itself. :)
Lindsay’s mom, Kristal, was one of many
holding back tears while Lindsay stepped into her dress.
Lindsay, I told you all day,
but I’ll say it again…
I just love a sassy wedding party.
The photo above and the photo below make me smile –
you two are ridiculously cute. For real.
Oh my, I love the father/daughter dance.
I don’t typically get all mushy during weddings
(ok, sometimes I do),
but during this dance,
I can’t stop smiling.
Like a big weirdo.
I’m off to the side, all smiley.
And this one was no exception.

Lindsay and Jake::
I’m so thankful to both of you for asking me to be a part of this day.
You are two of the cutest, and I’m excited to have been privileged to photograph you.
I love you both dearly!

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