Cincinnati Children’s Photographer:: Kimber, Spring 2015, pt I

I grew up in a biiiiiig family.
The kind where I have 2nd, 3rd, and probably 4th cousins that I don’t even know.

But, even so, I still found a way to attach myself to a couple of people in particular.

This sweet one’s momma was one of those people.

And now, this sweet one herself is one of those people.

Meagan White Photo - Kimber 001 Meagan White Photo - Kimber 009 Meagan White Photo - Kimber 008 Meagan White Photo - Kimber 007 Meagan White Photo - Kimber 006 Meagan White Photo - Kimber 002One of my favorite parts about being back in Indiana is proximity to family and friends.
Specifically, proximity to my girl, here.

When I realized I hadn’t photographed her since NOVEMBER (oh my gosh, I know!!!),
I was pretty happy to realize I didn’t have to make big plans to get updated photos of her.
Just an hour or so drive, and we were playing at a local park together.

Man, I love it. :)
Meagan White Photo - Kimber 010Meagan White Photo - Kimber 012Meagan White Photo - Kimber 011We weren’t just playing at the park… we were FREEZING.
Which is why she’s wearing those cute little leggings under her skirts.
And it’s why her little nose and hands are so red!  Meagan White Photo - Kimber 015 Meagan White Photo - Kimber 014The cold didn’t phase her a bit.
She LOVED running and playing.
And, no worries – I kept her bundled and snuggled every few minutes.
It was a chore I was more than happy to oblige. :)Meagan White Photo - Kimber 013

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