Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Brady and Megan’s beautiful proposal

Meet Brady and Megan.
They are super cute together, and super in love.
And, now, they are super happily engaged. :)

When Brady called and asked me to be a part of this,
I was so crazy excited for him. I thought for sure I’d scare him off with my
But when we met to plan things, he told me that was actually what drew him to my business to begin with.
He said that I was “real” and he felt like I’d “get it.”
Those are two of the biggest and greatest compliments I’ve received.

I’ve done this before, and my nerves always get to me, but on this night, there was an entire setup planned out, including a horse-drawn carriage that I was supposed to watch for. So, I’m in my car, watching for them to come down the road, a block away. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I turn my head back towards a different direction, and that horsedrawn carriage WAS RIGHT THERE. It somehow had bypassed the route it was supposed to take, and suddenly showed up A LOT sooner than anticipated.
I GOT SO NERVOUS. Like, wow, I might have just messed up because I’m not supposed to be SITTING IN MY CAR WHEN THEY PULL UP. But I was totally not expecting them to suddenly BE right THERE!

So, I [LITERALLY] scram from my car and jump behind a hedgerow, and then waited for them to get out.
And I waited.
And… I waited.
I was crouching and had started to clutch the bushes to help keep me steady.
(I had been crouching for so long at that point, I was losing feeling in my feet!)

Suddenly, this woman walking her dogs shows up and they start BARKING AT ME.
(just the dogs. not the woman.)
And she starts shouting, IS YOUR DOG OK? HEY, YOU, DO YOU HAVE A DOG? IS IT HURT?


No, thank you. My imaginary dog is fine.

I waved and begged her to walk away (desperate to keep my cover), and
next thing you know, the carriage takes off, and Brady and Megan NEVER GOT OFF OF IT!

So, then I start thinking, did THAT WOMAN cause me to miss this?!!!?
wait… did he ask her ON THE CARRIAGE?!
he better not have ASKED HER ON THE CARRIAGE.
that was NOT a part of the plan!
(because, you know, this was also my engagement, and I totally was getting a say in this. …. AS. IF. )

And then, the carriage rolls RIGHT PAST ME.
Me with honking-huge camera in hand.
Me pretending to be crouched down tying my LACE-LESS BOOTS.

As it passed, I was able to steal a peak into it


So, I stood up, and smiled, like I was totally normal,
looked for the dog-walking-woman to explain, but she was long gone,
considered getting back in my car to wait because it was FREEZING,
remembered the fear I had felt only minutes before when I thought they had shown up unexpectedly,
then decided to just pace the side street I was on while I watched for their carriage from EVERY POSSIBLE ANGLE.

And when I saw it, I got SO STINKING HAPPY.

As Brady walked with Megan along the waterfront, I started snapping.
As he got down on one knee, my hands started shaking.
As she said yes and began crying, it was all I could do to keep myself from tackling both in a huge bear hug.

This moment is when she saw me and nervously asked, “Brady, is this person here for us…?”

And then I did run and almost tackle them with a huge bear hug while yelling,

Brady and Megan::
Needless to say, I am so happy for the two of you.
I hope you enjoy reading my point of view from your wonderful night.
And I hope you enjoyed your fabulous dinner and evening that followed. :)
Thank you again for inviting me along – it was so awesome to be there for this!

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