Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Elk Creek Vineyards:: Daryl and Mellessa are engaged!

I can’t tell you how happy I am for these two.
My man and I are so blessed to have so many amazing friends, and these two are two of the best.

Daryl (we’ll just refer to him as Dylan for the remainder of this. … it’s complicated. :) ) couldn’t have planned this night better if he actually had planned this night. What I mean is, he knew where, and he sort of knew when… he didn’t really know how. Ok, and he didn’t really know when, either.

But, it was perfect.

The plan: she and I were going to take advantage of some wonderful local scenery and lighting to practice our skilllllzzzz….
I mean, how else would he explain why there’s a third-wheel tag-along on a romantic vineyard date?

After wandering around, creeping on them from a distance with my camera to my eye, I got the “signal” that we’d need more time.
                           No problem there – there was plenty to keep us occupied.
What is so great about this night is, I think he only knew he wanted pictures of the biggest moment of their lives to date.
                             And that’s where I came into play.
But other than wanting photos, there were no specifics of how and when this was going to happen.
So we watched the sun set behind the hills, and I was beginning to wonder if/when anything was going to take place.
That’s when it happened.
And she was totally surprised.

It was an incredibly joyful moment. Seriously. I was smiling so much.

Like I said, we are crazy-blessed with unbelievable friends. These two have changed our lives in ways we’ll never be able to thank them for.
Dylan and Mellessa:  we love you both dearly. Like crazy. We are so happy! I am honored you asked me to document this perfect moment – thank you for allowing me to be present for something so powerful and wonderful. Seeing these pictures truly does make my heart happy. :)

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