Cincinnati Photographer:: A Northern Kentucky Family (for now):: Ben+Leigh Ann+three incredible kids

Meet Ben+Leigh Ann+their 3 incredible kids.
All five should just model full-time, no big deal…
but I mean it, seriously.

The lighting when we shot was horrible. I mean, HORRIBLE!
There wasn’t a cloud in the forecast, it was beautiful out,
and about 2 minutes into, it got SO DARK.
So I start panicking, rushing, trying to get what I can with what little light was left,
and these guys?
They nailed it.
I’m not kidding. I think they are professionals. All of them.
Anyway, not only are they all gorgeous,
but their hearts are even more beautiful.
They will soon be leaving the lives they know and heading south to pursue ministry opportunities full-time.
How awesome is that?

To your family::
Thank you for asking me to do this!!
We are both so excited for the five of you – it’s going to be an awesome adventure,
and we can’t wait to hear about it all!!

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