Cincinnati Photographer:: Just For Fun with Emilee and Darin

I plan on giving you a little update of our big trip,
but until then…

Meet Emilee and Darin…
two of the people closest to mine and the boss’s hearts.

They are two beautiful souls who are incredibly incredible together.
Their story is so super sweet and so inspiring and one of those “maybe-make-you-cry” stories.
(ok, if you are anything like me, you WILL tear up. it’s just the best.)
I just LOVE their love.
Darin and Emilee::
You both already know this,
but by golly, we just love you to death.
And I am oh-so-honored you asked me to document this sweet time in your lives.
You are both the best, and Mr W and I are blessed to have you as friends.
And also as photo subjects. :)

One thought on “Cincinnati Photographer:: Just For Fun with Emilee and Darin

  1. Well this made me cry…how I already miss you! I love you so much and am SO honored to be a part of your lives. My heart has just been missing you all today so it’s quite ironic that you posted these today. I love you so much and continue to cover you in prayer and a whole lot of love!!

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